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The core competencies of the company include, but are not limited to: superconducting cyclotron design, superconducting magnet design, cyclotron radio frequency (RF) design & analysis, RF engineering, ECR Ion source development, beam dynamics and modeling, real time cyclotron controls, cryogenics, structural modeling, radiation detection & transport, modeling,vacuum systems, engineering project management, intellectual property management, and product commercialization through licensing, joint ventures, and co-development. 

Timothy A Antaya PhD


Founder and Chief Physics Officer 

Antaya has devoted over the last 3 decades developing the technology basis for compact superconducting particle accelerator systems. He is a major contributor and designer for many of the patents in superconducting accelerator systems and components used today in most areas of nuclear medicine, advanced radiology treatment devices and security systems. 

His designs, codes, experimental measurement and theoretical models are used world-wide in basic science, medicine and homeland security. Five successful commercial companies are based on his intellectual property. He now leads Antaya Science & Technology, where a small advanced team of high-end professionals are creating next generation superconducting particle accelerators. 

Prior to founding Antaya Science and Technology, Dr. Antaya had a long and successful career performing research with both Federal and non- Federal funding. He has been directly responsible for multiple patents and research developments at MIT and in private industry. 



Our Team

Consists of innovators and leaders in the fields of physics, engineering, oncology, medical physics, radiation therapy, business and finance. Together they have decades of experience at the cutting edge of advanced research, development and business; focused on the applications of advanced superconducting particle accelerators.

Our Process


The Antaya Process

Is a team approach which reflects decades of development, creativity, and evolution working with clients like you. Our adaptive physics and engineering design process begins with a solid foundational core and is custom-configured to each venture. Finally, the process capitalizes on the combined strengths of designers, engineers, prototype specialists, and our extensive development network.

Leveraging brainstorms, team efforts, individual development and design reviews to promote creative thinking and in-depth design solutions.


Radioisotopes produced by ANTAYA accelerators have opened up a

new era for nuclear medicine.

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Revolutionizing the Radiopharmaceutical Market

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